AMWA Southwest 2022-2023 Officers and Board of Directors



President: Erica Ann Walker Goodoff

President-Elect: Julie Bradford

Treasurer: M. David Stewart

Secretary: Anne Murray


Board of Directors:


Immediate Past President: Damiana Chiavolini

Program Chair: Julie Bradford

Assistant Program Chair: OPEN

Chapter Advisory Council Delegate: Kimberly Mankiewicz

Membership Chair: Amanda Hendrix

McGovern Award Co-Chairs: Damiana Chiavolini, Stephen Palmer

Communications Chair: Kim Mankiewicz, Elizabeth Newman

Chapter Conference Co-Chairs: OPEN, OPEN

Director-at-Large (Louisiana): Michelle McCain

Director-at-Large (New Mexico): J. Kelly Byram

Director-at-Large (Oklahoma): Kandice Tessneer

Director-at-Large (Arkansas): Annmarie Dill

Director-at-Large (Dallas/Ft. Worth): Kimberly Valenta

Director-at-Large (San Antonio): Maritza Quintero

Director-at-Large (Austin): OPEN

Director-at-Large (Houston): Katie Fung-Yip

Director-at-Large (Virtual): Dean Colston

Website Manager: Vamsi Ahobila

Social Media Coordinators: Dogan Can Kirman, Elizabeth Newman

Educational Outreach Chair: Kirk St.Amant

Chapter Survey Coordinator: J. Kelly Byram

Career Outreach Chair: Damiana Chiavolini

Want to lead?

AMWA SW is always looking for volunteers. Please contact anyone on the board of directors to learn more about their role and responsibilities. Officers are elected and board members are appointed in early summer.